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My Current Favourites

I thought it would be a great idea to give you all a bit of insight into some of my favourite products at the moment, and also to get some feedback from you about what some of your favourite products are at the moment and what you think of mine!

A recent brand discovery of mine has been The Ordinary. They state that they are "Clinical formulations with integrity". They don't test on animals (YAY!) and are free from lots of nasty's like parabens and sulphates etc. Their products range from a variety of skincare including serums and acids, to beauty products. And let's just talk about the price point... it's fantastic! The one product I'm absolutely obsessed with at the moment is their High-Spreadability Fluid Primer. It's exactly what is says, highly spreadable! A little goes a long way. I find that it helps to smooth out the texture and appearance of my skin. Not so much over my problem area (Nose with open pores) but love it for over my chin where I can get a little texture every now and again, and over my cheeks and forehead. It makes my foundation glide over so smoothly! I got mine off Beautylish for $7.90 USD, a bargain!

Available in NZ and AU is Designer Brands Cosmetics. This is the first product of theirs that I have tried and I'm so surprised with how much coverage this foundation has! The Longwear 24 Hour Foundation, with SPF 15 claims to be full coverage, even out skin texture, and obviously be longwear. Boy oh boy does this so what it claims. I haven't tried it for 24 hours... but have worn it for a very busy day in a hot office for 10 hours, and it still looked pretty damn good when I went to take it off after about 13 hours of wear. If you're a full coverage kinda gal then this is what you need! It retails for $19.99 NZD and found online or in selected pharmacies.

Benefit's Hoola Bronzer... Where do I even start? This bronzer is the bomb. I've rediscovered this product after a wee while of not using it. And now I am asking myself why I stopped using it! It's the perfect tone for many different skin tones, great for both bronzing and contouring and blends out so smoothly. The full size has 8 grams of products, which I have found lasts what seems to be a lifetime! Hands down the best matte bronzer in the market (well at least out of what I've tried!). It retails for $53 NZD on Sephora NZ.

My go to highlighter has been Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Double Gleam. It is great for fair skin giving a glow that can be amped up if you want to be seen from the moon. It's finely milled so doesn't come off chunky or glittery. The shade, how to explain it.. It's gold, but not. It's champagne, but not. Silver, but not. It's utterly beautiful. These retail for $64 NZD (ouch) but it is so worth it! I have used mine so much and have hardly made a dent in it!

My ride or die liquid eyeliner has to be the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. It's black as hell and so easy to use (well I find it is). The brush tip has just the right amount of flexibility, and the brush tip doesn't fray either! It is extremely pigmented, and doesn't bleed. It dries matte and doesn't fade or crack throughout the day or night. It is everything you want in a liquid liner, pigmented, stays put and easy to create a wing sharp enough to cut the haters. Retails for $28 NZD on Sephora NZ

I've recently come across the Mac Select Cover Up Concealer and have completely fallen in love. Need to slay those brows? Select Cover Up. Need to cut that crease? Select Cover Up. Got some dark circles that need concealed? Select Cover Up. You get the gist of what I'm saying. This concealer is good when it comes to coverage, but doesn't feel heavy at all, it's so light weight! I find it really easy to work with, especially blending it out. It doesn't look cakey at all which I find some concealers can. Overall, I'm obsessed with this product! It retails for $40 NZD but lasts forever!

My last two products are staples, Mac lipstick in Honey Love and Mac blush in Melba. These two products are well used products of mine. I find that the colours are so versatile and can work with many different skin tones. They really are the perfects shades. The lipstick retails for $40 NZD and the blush $48 NZD.

I would love to hear about what products are your current favourites so leave a comment! xxx


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