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The Power Of Social Media

Social Media is now a part of everyone's lives. Whether you're on there to keep up with what others are doing, to share your life story, as a business or company, it can have a substantial effect on  your life. With regards to the beauty industry, social media is a great way to connect and network with like-minded individuals, for brands to promote products, to keep up to date with new trends. I like to think that the majority of what I have to do with social media is of a positive nature. It really is a great tool to use to get your content out and viewed by people, get inspiration for new looks, techniques and products to try, and of course connect with and support people all over New Zealand (and the world) who are passionate about makeup and beauty! At times it can be difficult to get in touch with likeminded individuals, I know in Dunedin there are not very many beauty related courses that would allow that connection to develop. So being able to utilise Instagram for example and use your location to scroll through images and find beauty related posts is awesome!

However sometimes the negative side to social media shows its face. Recently I saw on Instagram that a girl I follow was dropped from a brands campaign because of for facial acne. She wasn’t the only one that was dropped either, another girl was dropped because of facial eczema. It really is a shame that this has happened. It is something that the girls cannot control, and with the development of self love and somewhat “acceptance” that not everyone has perfect skin, it really is horrible that this company has gone about it in this manner. The girls have a huge amount of support from the beauty community, with a lot of people saying they will boycott the brand.
I do hope that social media continues to grow, allowing the world wide beauty community to continue to grow and support one another, not only through negative times, but also in everyday life. Who doesn’t love getting a compliment? If someone has bomb af makeup on, let them know!


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