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Inspiring Makeup Artists

The advancement of social media has allowed makeup artists to show their work to the world and expand their reach enormously. There are around 800 Million Instagram users, so that in itself is a huge platform to be a part of. Since starting up my Instagram page for my freelance makeup, I have discovered so many talented artists but there's a few that find very inspirational and motivate me to learn more.

To start is @makeupbyannalee (her freelance account is @makeupbyannalee_clients). Annalee is a New Zealander and is making us Kiwi's proud by doing her thing. She is incredibly talented and has been a true inspiration for me to start doing what I love. She recently released a video called "Brushed Aside" where she talks about her passion for makeup and her journey towards doing what she loves. "The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows in it". This quote has encouraged me with taking a step towards doing what I love.

Number two is @angiedib who is a mua and an artistry educator. What I love about Angie, is that she posts a variety of makeup looks, but also has a blog herself ( as well as a Youtube channel (Angie De Battista) where she posts educational videos for makeup artistry. She goes over things she has in her makeup kit, makeup tips for application, how to deal with clients, and much more. If you're a makeup artist, I highly recommend checking out her Youtube channel as there is plenty to learn from it!

Thirdly is @mmmmitchell a UK based makeup artist. He's amazing at colour eyeshadow looks and slays a cut crease. The colour combinations that he does are ones that you might normally think wouldn't work - but he seriously makes them work and look outstanding. His work has inspried me to really use some of those colours that haven't been touched... we shall see how that goes!

If you don't already follow these artists, you should definitely check them out!


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