What's in my Makeup Collection? - Highlighters

What's in my collection? Highlighters ✨

I've decided to do a series of blog posts and show you all what's in my makeup collection! Hopefully you guys enjoy it, let me know your thoughts and what else you would like to see!

One of my very favourite makeup items has to be highlighters! To be honest it's a recent obsession I've discovered and I'm now like a magpie with sparkly objects, I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!! Everyone tends to have a particular makeup item they love to collect, from lipsticks to mascaras. As well as highlighters, I also love to collect eyeshadow palettes, but we shall keep that for another time.

As you can see in the photos, I tend to like powder formulas more than cream or liquids, but I'm trying my best to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. There's a few staples in my collection, including Mac Soft and Gentle and The Balm Mary Lou (if you don't have either of these, giiiirl you're missing out!!) and then a few of the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighters (these sure do pack a punch!). A recent purchase has been the Mac Hyper Real Glow Palette in Flash + Awe. These shades are to die for, the glow is on point with stunning throw backs of champagne and pinks. If you haven't got this yet, definitely do! It pretty good value for money getting three shades for $85 NZD. Although, talking about value for money, the Sleek Solstice palette is blinding and damn cheap too!

Makeup Revolution (now named Revolution Beauty I think??) is a UK brand that have amaaaazing products at a great price too! I have one highlighter from them and then a “Blush Palette” that has bronzers and highlighters in it. I'm planning on making another order from them shortly as they've released some new liquid and powder highlighters that I've heard really good things about and would love to try them!

My highlighter obsession is something that isn't going away anytime soon, so if you have a highlighter that you love that I don't have in my collection, let me know! I'd love to find some new ones to try out xxx


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