Why I Love The Beauty Industry

This industry combines diversity, creativity and expression. It allows people to express their individuality and personality, to engage with others over a shared passion, and to enhance their appearance in a simple way. I personally find this industry fantastic, with the range of beauty involved, e.g. Makeup, skin care, hair, modelling, photography.. the list goes on. I believe that this community is surrounded with such positivity from the individuals that consider themselves a part of the beauty industry. This profession has so much to offer, to both entrepreneurs, buisnesses, and your everyday Joe Blogs. 

One of the main reasons that I've chosen to submerge myself in this area of work is the pure happiness and positivity. There really is no better feeling than achieving a clients desired look for an event. Whether it be for a photoshoot, their special wedding day, a school formal, it truely is the best feeling. Both of accomplishment but also satisfaction knowing that the client themselves feels so confident with how they look because of your help. Helping someone with insecurities, for example acne scarring, by being able to cover them, and also enhancing other features is great. Even when I am having a break out, the amount of confidence I gain from covering that with makeup is huge.
Confidence and being happy in your own skin is extremely important, and if I am able to assist someone with that, then great! 

I've never been one to have a creative side. My Mother is an exceptional artist, and secretly I think she always hoped that I would be artistic like her. Until the discovery of makeup, I didn't consider myself to be creative whatsoever. Now though, I am a firm believer of makeup being an art. A face is my canvas, my makeup is my paint and my makeup brushes are my tools. The beauty industry is so diverse, especially when it comes to makeup. There's such a range of ways that makeup can be used, and not just your everyday makeup looks. There is fashion makeup, stage makeup, special effects makeup, drag makeup, techniques used for film and media, and that's just to name a few! 

At the end of the day, makeup is more than just makeup. It's a hobby, lifestyle, buisness and industry. 


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