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ID Fashion Show 2018

ID Dunedin was launched in 1999 and quickly became internationally recognised. The week is made up of many events such as fashion shows, exhibitions, shopping events, designer and fashion interviews etc. The event that I was very honoured to be involved with was the International Emerging Designer Show. It was a huge show this year, showcasing the 44 finalist designers from all over the world. This event is the only competition in Australasia for emerging designers and one where they can show their work off to the world.

Our crew was very lucky to be under the guidance and direction of Lisa Matson, the director of L'Oreal Paris New Zealand. She designed two amazing looks for the two nights, following a 'genderless' theme. The first night's look was focused on the base with lovely glowy skin, a decent contour and elongated bold brows. I LOVED this look as it was bold, but emphasising natural beauty. Night two - now this look was stunning. A real 'fashion' look. Again, featuring a stunning glowy base with defined cheekbones, but a really 'grungy' eye. A messy but stand out dark eye. Check out my instagram for photos of the final looks - . Our team was made up of 10 artists including Lisa, and the show had 50 models participating. A lot of faces to make beautiful, as well as touch ups during the show.

What an experience it was. This opportunity presented excitement, pressure, but also a great amount of knowledge to be learnt from Lisa. I have learnt new techniques, how to work under pressure in this industry and more about the industry as a whole. The networking was awesome being able to meet and chat with other artists from all over NZ. I felt completely in my element and loved every second (even though my feet were killing me by the end of it - time to invest in some better shoes I think...). It was the first ever fashion show, and I certainly hope it won't be my last!


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